In current, the demand about monitor cruise in business and lifetime in Vietnam are improved very fast with hundreds of companies from large to small which supply solution and service in national. In the world, using that service was common decades.

So it is a new service in Vietnam that it also has many names like “Black box”, “Global positioning system GPS” but the most exactly name and standardization by 91 decrees QCVN31 BGTVT standard of government are “ Global Positioning System (GPS)”. That means the people who use this service through Internet access such as: smart phone, notebook, computer will know cruise and position of transport or where assets. This service uses global positioning technology GPS and data transmission technology GPRS of mobile phone GSM or CDMA. The development quickly of equipment and electronic technology. This service is a perfect management tool, which supplies for manager transport enterprises have many moving assets or high value. In additional, it has so much applicative for management students, elders need to take care.

Monitoring cruise service TCTRACK made by T.C Group , it is created for purpose to carry service “ Satisfies requirement customers” by international standard for Vietnamese customers.

The service use solution and software technology of American and Vietnamese for using by Vietnamese people. This solution used over thirty countries in the world more than twenty years and continuous improvement that response maximum the requirement of customers..

To ensure speed of access for using customers in Vietnam through website and all servers are located in Vietnam with supplying 24/24h and redundant power will ensure supply for service 24/7 (24 hours per day and 7 days in week)

Internet transmission use by high speed fiber and has backup.

To ensure for service customer and customer information are good and continuous, TCTRACK service has operator 1900 7188 . Customers can contact to service 24/24h in day..

Distribution product system, warranty and maintenance TCTRACK were in country through distribution system and warranty of T.C Group.

Sale service of TCTRACK is diversity: supply or cooperation service in long-term, short – term, for lease from 1 month to several months with reasonable price, flexible response all the needs of user service.

In currently, when using TCTRACK service, customers are free in equipment install fee.